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Actual global Embassies have been established for all industries for Business, Music and Entertainment.  These Embassies were established to assist the individual or business to progress personally, professionally and financially in their respective industry. These embassies assist, support, guide, educate, develop, protect and invest in each client.  Whatever a client’s needs are, we have the support, services and abilities to make their dreams and goals a reality. 


The Business Embassies

The Business Embassies were established to cater to the specific needs of various types of businesses. We assist business owners and entrepreneurs at any level whether a new start up or existing business.   The Business Embassies encompass an embassy for each industry and serves not only business owners and entrepreneurs but also Non-Profit organizations, those in all types of commerce as well as engineers, farmers, inventors, investors, those in the medical field and many more industries.   These Embassies are a part of the main organization’s Business Advancement Division which also has an extremely helpful service called “The CEO Concierge Service” that can assist the CEO’s and Business owners of any industry in any and every way they choose.  These Embassies are vital to the growth and economic development of not only each and every business but also to their respective country’s economy.  We work closely with each CEO, President, Manager and/or team members to ensure success regardless of the amount of years in business.  We are also able to work according to our clients individual business and marketing plan as well as budget.


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  • The Business Owners Embassy
  • The Entrepreneurs Embassy
  • The Non-Profit Embassy
  • The Commerce Embassy
  • The Engineers Embassy
  • The Farmers Embassy
  • The Builders Embassy
  • The Medical Embassy
  • The Inventors Embassy
  • The Investors Embassy

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