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Quick Reference – Business Embassies

Business Embassies

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  • Engineers Embassy
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  • Farmer’s Embassy
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  • Tourism Embassy

    (Disclosure-Before You Read)
    (The Worldwide Elite Embassy is a major global organization consisting of over 60 Elite Embassies. Each Embassy has a specific focus to assist those who are interested in music, entertainment, business and personal development. The Embassies fall within four distinct industrial categories; which are Music Embassies, Business Embassies, Entertainment Embassies, and a Humanitarian Embassy.)


    The Worldwide Builders Embassy
    The Builders Embassy was established to assist any person in the building or construction industry to jump start or further enhance their career or business. Building professionals such as masons, architects, plumbers, block-makers, contractors, equipment companies, land surveyors, and numerous others can utilize The Embassy to develop their knowledge and skills or secure lucrative projects. Similarly to the other embassies, the organization will assist, support, guide and invest in part in its clients to ensure that they are able to reach the highest pinnacle of success.

    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.


    The Worldwide Commerce Embassy
    The Commerce Embassy consists of 3 sub-divisions; The E-Commerce Division, The Major Corporations Division and The Governmental Assistance Division. The E-Commerce division caters exclusively to the needs of online companies, while the Major Corporations division caters to large institutions. By utilizing the expert consultants at the Embassy both will have the proper tools in place to strategically maintain or position themselves as global forces. The Governmental Assistance division assists governments to improve their economies and help with job creation, which will in turn enhance the lives of the people who reside in these countries.

    For example, tourism is a major industry that all countries need to ensure is constantly at its peak and the Embassy can assist them to achieve this. In many developing countries governments sometimes have to sell companies that are putting a strain on the public purse to maintain; to earn much needed foreign exchange. No longer will so many assets need to be sold to foreign investors, who in turn simply bring in foreign consultants and divert the majority of the profits made from these companies back to their home country. The Embassy can provide expert consultants to perform the same functions, hence keeping the profits of these organizations within their country’s shores, while simultaneously building the country’s economy.
    By utilizing the wide variety of services such as financial consulting, infrastructural development consulting and marketing consulting, governments can carry out the various projects and programs necessary to uplift the lives of their constituents.


    The Worldwide Engineers Embassy
    The Engineers Embassy was established to assist Engineers of all types with their personal and professional development. The organization is able to provide engineers or their firms with the support of a skilled and professional Embassy team, to assist with operations management, project management, architectural consulting, HR management and a number of other services. This is beneficial to an individual engineer or smaller firms that do not have large amounts of resources, as they would not have to go out and hire the necessary staff to carry out those functions. Larger firms can utilize the services of The Embassy’s professional teams alongside that of their regular staff, to augment performance and boost overall outcomes.
    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.


    The Worldwide Entrepreneurs Embassy
    The Entrepreneurs Embassy was established to create a solid infrastructure for business men and women involved in multiple business ventures. It is there to support the individual who is constantly on the lookout for and/or creating new business opportunities and investment possibilities. The Embassy can extend the support of its professional team as a complement to their staff or in lieu of staff. This Embassy works hand in hand with the Investor’s Club as many Entrepreneurs are involved in multiple ventures and use the financial gains from these ventures as capital for investments.
    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.


    The Worldwide Farmers Embassy
    The Worldwide Farmers Embassy was established to assist farmers, distributors and wholesalers, whose output will directly impact consumers’ costs. There is a great need for new and solid infrastructure in the agricultural and farming industry, since the costs of agricultural products are increasing for numerous reasons. Farmers are facing excessive losses from not having their produce made available to consumers locally and on the global market . Proudly, The Worldwide Farmers Embassy has devised several strategic plans to bridge the gap between the farmers who produce food and the consumer who needs food.
    Farmers have also expressed concern about transportation issues as well as not knowing those in need of their excess product. The Worldwide Farmers Embassy has devised strategic plans and innovative concepts to solve these underlying issues while also assisting members of the industry to develop their entrepreneurial skills; as they are entrepreneurs in their own right. The Farmers Embassy is prepared to offer assistance via the utilization of technology and business concepts, to better educate farmers to manage their productivity and to increase their efficiency. The organizations’ expert advice, innovative concepts, and support will not only encourage the stabilization of multiple revenue streams to profit farmers, but also prompt the active exchange of needed goods to boost the economy.

    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.


    The Worldwide Investors Embassy
    The Investors Embassy was established to assist investors, whether large or small, to make wise and sound investments. It essentially provides individuals who possess the wherewithal to invest with quality projects, ideas and products to invest in. Whenever an individual or business approaches the embassy with an idea or project related to business, music or entertainment, this is presented to members who can then elect if they would like to invest in said ventures as the decision to actually invest lies with the investor.

    Members of this Embassy can also elect to have an investment consultant that would provide critical advice and, along with the Embassy’s legal department, protection on investments that are being entered into from inside or outside the Embassy. This means that if an investor decides to invest in a project that is not affiliated with the Embassy, they would still be able to access the advice of experienced Embassy consultants and legal team with managing their investments. “The Investors Club” is also a sub-division of this Embassy in which all members of the Investors Embassy can participate.

    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.


    The Worldwide Inventors Embassy
    The Inventors Embassy was established to assist inventors in the harnessing, marketing and distribution of their inventions. The Embassy can assist the individual who has already invented a product or products and is seeking a medium via which they can efficiently promote, while being advised and protected from exploitation; or the individual who has a great idea/invention but needs assistance to bring it to fruition. The former, can utilize the services of The Embassy’s top notch marketing team to assist with developing marketing strategies and promotions, while the latter can benefit from The Embassy investing in their idea in full or in part, if it is indeed viable. What inventors can also count on is the protection of The Embassy. This protection is crucial as if an inventor is not careful, their idea(s) can be stolen by others. The Embassy considers educating investors about intellectual property rights and fighting hard to maintain these rights to be of paramount importance.

    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.


    The Worldwide Medical Embassy
    Description Coming Soon


    The Worldwide Non Profit Embassy
    The Non-Profit Embassy was established to assist non-profit organizations started by individuals in their quest to continuously generate fresh ideas and funding, in order to keep their organizations afloat and support the causes they hold dear. The Non-Profit Embassy will also assist these organizations to continue their good works in the community by helping with fundraising opportunities and jointly undertaking projects in collaboration with our Celebrate Love (humanitarian) Embassy. Assisting with these projects is something that is close to the Embassy’s heart as a part of its core mandate is the enrichment and betterment of people’s lives. All non-profit organizations are welcome to become members


    The Worldwide Promoters Embassy
    The Promoters Embassy was established to assist all types of music and event promoters at all levels.
    Since many have taken up the task of promoting as a profession, the Promoters Embassy seeks to engage promoters in the understanding of the business world as it relates to the arrangements they make for their events, and planning essentials needed to have their acquired tasks go off without a glitch. The tasks of promoting and events management are complex and time consuming activities that require quick thinking, endurance and business savvy team members in order to be successful. As such, the Promoters Embassy will assist promoters to expand their knowledge of the music industry and proper business techniques. The organization has created an innovative system which enables promoters to connect with the services they need, and the people to assist them in getting the job done, while helping to promote upcoming talents through our Discovering Stars Worldwide Division; this is referred to as the “Promoters Pledge.”

    The Promoters Pledge is an optional opportunity for our clients and affiliates to mentor and endorse new talents in our Embassies, while building their own careers and success as our organization publicly recognizes both the promoter and their events which is valuable exposure and PR (Public Relations) at no cost to them for those services. We also offer assistance to those participating in this pledge to increase their advance sales of their events through our ticketing services and other ticket sales services. Those who participate in the Promoter’s Pledge will find it to be rewarding and mutually beneficial for both the Promoter and the organization.

    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.


    The Worldwide Tourism Embassy
    Coming Soon!

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