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Recording Artist Eldie Anthony is Making Hits for fellow Embassy Artists


Singer Eldie Anthony of Kingston, Jamaica is one of the island’s most promising entertainers on the rise and expected to win the hearts of music fans from various genres on a global level due to his versatility as an artist compiled with his captivating sound and endless melodies. Popularly known for being the winner of two competitions; Turbulence’s Talent Search and Morgan Heritage Talent Search, Eldie was destined for stardom. Mentored by the great Reggae Icon Beres Hammond, Eldie has developed and polished his craft with Mr. Hammond’s expert guidance. He has taken what he has learned and has applied it in many areas of music. Eldie is an extremely versatile singer/songwriter who has crossed over in various music genres such as Reggae, R&B, Dancehall, Pop, Reggaeton and Hip Hop. His songs are filled with heartfelt melodies that will bring tears to your eyes.

After many years of searching for his big break, Eldie has decided to take a unique approach to his advancement by becoming the CEO of his own career with the assistance of “The Worldwide Reggae Embassy” ( A career and business advancement organization) and other music embassies which he is utilizing for his furtherance in the industry. By partnering with the organization, he is not only learning the ropes of the music industry, yet also has acquired a team of consultants and executives to assist him in every step of the way to ensure success.

Due to the many struggles of trying to make it in the industry over the years, it was his passion and goal to assist others with their advancement and dreams once he became famous. Yet this opportunity has already presented itself as he has already begun to do so while still in development of his career launch when he reached out to many of his Embassy mates. He participated as the Musical Director in the Embassies’ Musical Adventure Week where he co-wrote songs for other embassy clients such as Ma’Niche (Pop Music Embassy), I-Noble (Reggae Embassy), C-Zer (Hip Hop Embassy) and Charly King (Pop Music Embassy) while also working along side Elite Embassy Publishing Client “Jah Roadz” (Reggae Embassy) who composed and engineered many songs for the week long event. He is now called the “Neyo” of the organization due to his many talents of song writing, arranging and music consulting and is greatly appreciated by all of his fellow Embassy mates.

Eldie will be releasing many songs this year and is working on his debut album which consists of producers from the US, UK, Jamaica and Trinidad. Currently, fans worldwide are enjoying his hit single called “Party Life” as well as his heartfelt song “Life” and newly released masterpiece called “Let’s Chant Love.” His song titled “Celebrate Love” produced by Embassy Publishing clients, Voltage and Spider, was not only appointed as the theme song of the Embassy’s humanitarian division, it also named it. It is now called “The Worldwide Celebrate Love Embassy” which is represented by Celebrity Songstress and Embassy mate; Cameal Davis.

The world will be seeing a great deal of Eldie Anthony across multiple music genres this year and years to come as he climbs to the top while becoming an icon in the music industry and warmly welcomed into the hearts of many worldwide.

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