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Becoming a Client


Individuals and Business owners may utilize our organization in any way they wish.  Some may like to use its services at their leisure while others may want to establish more of solid relationship with us by retaining our many representation options.   Those who wish to become a client regard of how they choose to align themselves with the organization can do so with or without current representation.  For those in Music or Entertainment, Management Companies and Record Labels are welcomed to utilize the organization as well for their client’s advancement since we have a special division catering to their needs as well.

Our organization is for career and business advancement, therefore we compete with no one yet fully support artists, business owners, management companies, and labels with any and all of their needs.  WEE is an organization to be utilized as the tool it was developed to be and for you to take advantage of the benefits to the fullest extent.

WEE support, assist, guide, educate, develop, protect and invest in YOU!

One great aspect of this organization is that those who wish to utilize the organization for their advancement in music, business, entertainment or even personal improvement will have many options to choose from. We will of course inform you on what you are eligible for and give our professional recommendation based on each client’s individual needs and wants.

You must apply for assistance to become a client.  There is a mandatory Educational Orientation for anyone who wishes to use the organization for their careers or businesses.  We ask you to attend this orientation whether you decide to have us represent you or not.  One of our missions in the community is to EDUCATE, therefore even if you decide to go elsewhere, WEE want to be instrumental in assisting you with the proper information and foundation for your career or business regardless if you use one of the many Embassies.

Please note:  There are many divisions and departments of this global organization.  One division in particular is for those who would like us to either assist them with their career or partner with them by representing them and their career.  This division is called the Professional Representation Division.  Those who wish to utilize the Professional Representation Division for either themselves or their client(s) career or for a business of any type, MUST not only apply but also be interviewed since our organization invests in those who are seeking to utilize Options B or C of that division.  There is a form on the navigation bar above to an application for either those in music and entertainment or those seeking assistance for businesses.  Fill out the application completely with as much detail as possible so that our intake team knows exactly what department to send it to so that they can review the application.


Here is how it works:

1. Apply online using the appropriate form below for either Music, Entertainment or Business assistance.

2. Once we review your submission, we will send you information to read

3. Once you read the literature, you are to contact us for a Full Educational Orientation according to your industry

4. During your orientation, you will learn valuable information pertaining to your industryas well as the many options to best suit you regarding how the organization may assist you.

5. Once you decide on what parts of the organization you would like to utilize, you will inform our office and we will go over the terms for the divisions and programs that you have selected as well as the agreements in full details before signing.

6. Once you agree to our organization’s protocol, terms and condition, we then fully execute the agreements and WEE begin your new journey with you.

Please remember that WEE are different than other entities in the various industries.  WEE allow the client to maintain full control of their career as CEO of their own empire, while we serve as their COO (Chief Operating Officers) and coordinate the business side of their career.  Our clients always have the final decision in all matters and are fully involved in their career advancement.


Once its Official:

Once you are officially a client of the organization, WEE immediately begin to process you in our system and brief the consultants and support team of your arrival into the organization.  The consultants will then develop your Career Advancement Plan and begin implementation WITH YOU.


Please make sure to fill out the form to attend an Orientation and also the form for your industry; Music, Entertainment or Business. 

Important Links:

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