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(Disclosure-Before You Read)

Actual global Embassies have been established for all industries for Business, Music and Entertainment.  These Embassies were established to assist the individual or business to progress personally, professionally and financially in their respective industry. These embassies assist, support, guide, educate, develop, protect and invest in each client.  Whatever a client’s needs are, we have the support, services and abilities to make their dreams and goals a reality. 

The Dancers Embassy was established to assist choreographers and dancers of all types, who are seeking to develop their careers and learn more about the entertainment industry. By nature, the entertainment industry is dynamic, fluid and requires constant evolving from its players. Dancers and choreographers therefore need to work on their craft in order to secure lucrative roles and contracts. Similar to other parties in the entertainment industry, dancers can benefit immensely from having a professional team in their corner that is committed to the development of their career; and the Dancers Embassy does just that. Our professional team will assist dancers and choreographers to develop their craft, negotiate and secure contracts on their behalf, guide them through the rigors of the industry and protect them from unscrupulous individuals.

Persons or companies who are looking for dancers or choreographers can also utilize the Embassy to book this talent on their behalf.  By going through the Embassy they can be sure that they will be booking the services of professional individuals who are at the top of their game.

The Embassy will also have a number of internal projects in which dancers can secure roles, as well as a dance company that will embark on global tours. At The Worldwide Dancers Embassy, the opportunities for progress and the actualization of dreams are now as real as the rhythms being danced to.

Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.

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