Division 1

Division 1 – Established Celebrities (Icon Division)

The Embassy understands that the needs of various celebrities of different music genres vary considerably. Mainstream celebrities have different wants and needs from other music genre celebrities such as Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton and various others that are searching for more public exposure, opportunities and recognition in the mainstream market. Many celebrities have expressed a need for public relations services and promotions. In order to help the celebrities gain more mainstream exposure, we will advocate for the established celebrities in the under-recognized genres. Issues with career exposure seem to be affecting the established and up-and-coming celebs alike. We have a team of professionals and consultants to handle any of their personal career needs. We will assist the established celebrities with whatever their needs and concerns may be since that is the reason for the formation of an entire division to cater to them exclusively.

There are several ways in which celebrities can become more involved with the organization. First, we have formed a Celebrity Advisory Board for the established celebrities interested in making a difference in the industry and communities worldwide. The celebrities that hold a seat on this board assist the embassies in making critical decisions regarding the organization and the industry. They will set the stage for an innovative organization that offers professionalism and integrity while becoming a part of history.

In addition, established celebrities can become mentors for up-and-coming celebrities so that the new talent may learn the industry from an experienced professional. They can also become involved in the various events, humanitarian efforts, TV shows, movies or other Embassy publications. For the celebrities that sponsor, volunteer with or have founded other community service organizations, the Worldwide Elite Music and Entertainment Embassy can partner with them to assist in fundraising efforts, event promotions or other services that will help to make life changing improvements in the lives of others.

For any involvement the established celebrities have with the organization, whether time, sponsorships, mentoring or contributions, they will be publicly recognized for all their efforts as it will be greatly appreciated and welcomed. The celebrities that are very involved with the organization will receive many of the services at no cost to them.


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