Division 2

Division 2 – Discovering Stars Worldwide

The Discovering Stars Worldwide Fund has been established to offer opportunities for stardom to new talent of all ages in all areas of music and entertainment.  This division offers step by step guidance to those who seek assistance whether they are in the performing arts, behind-the-scenes or the business side of the industry.  It is no secret that a great amount of talent is wasted due to not knowing how to get started in the industry, the lack of funds, support, the right connections, knowledge of the industry and much more.

One great aspect of the Discovering Stars Division is that up-and-coming celebrities who do not have a manager nor management team and would like to be in full control of their careers, may utilize the Embassy for all aspects of their career advancement. Talent managers and record labels can come to the Embassy for assistance for their clients as well. The Embassy is a support to everyone in the industry in need of advancement and NEVER anyone’s competition.  Those who already have a manager and would like to remain with him/her can do so while still using the Embassy’s support team of consultants, programs and services.

As previously mentioned, the embassy offers assistance to not only individuals without management, but also to managers and record labels.  Our innovative Professional Representation Division is a place where everyone can attain the proper professional representation from the Embassy’s vast team of professionals and consultants who assist those in this division with every aspect of their career.

The Embassy also provides Publishing services for singers, songwriters, producers, musicians and book authors as well as exposure, booking services for talent or services and professional representation. The many projects and plans of our organization  offer the Embassy’s members an outlet to display their talent to a larger audience.  We will be able to provide an abundant amount of exposure through our many websites, internet marketing, email marketing, printed materials, magazines, blogs and other publications as well as television shows, movies, soap operas, and other productions that the Embassy and its clients will create and produce.

The Professional Representation Division offers three options which are subdivisions that allow you to choose the options that best fit your needs, preferences and budget.

· Option A:  Option A is Career Consulting which provides a team of consultants to strategically guide the rising celebrities individually and/or with their management team with their career.  There is a monthly fee; however, it is a no contract, no percentage option and the clients can pay as they go.  This is a very flexible option that allows the client to advance at his/her own comfortable speed.

· Option B: For celebrities and/or management firms who would like a higher level of support, professional representation and exposure from the Embassy without some of the costs, we have the Management Assistance Division.  This option does require a contract, yet it includes an abundant amount of consulting, exposure and other career expenditures that will minimize the client’s out of pocket expense.

· Option C: The final available option is the Embassy Business Partnership.  This special option is for celebrities directly or with their management team who do not have the appropriate funds to advance their career. In order to be considered for this innovative opportunity, you must have completed an in-depth career analysis and you must apply for consideration.  This option is excellent for those who would like to establish a serious, long term relationship with the Embassy in which, if chosen, the celebrity’s entire career AND entrepreneurial branding efforts will be completely funded for him/her.

Regardless of what option the up-and-coming celebrities and/or their management choose, it is important to remember that having the power of a major global organization behind them speaks volumes.

This Division also has an Embassy Investors Club which directly supports the Discovering Stars Worldwide Fund or projects/programs. Individuals and/or their management who do not have the necessary funds to launch or sustain one’s career can elect to utilize this special division.  Embassy clients can apply for financial assistance for small loans, career launch loans, general funding, entire projects or their career if they are not chosen for or interested in applying to the Business Partnership Program.

Inside the Discovering Stars Worldwide Division, there are several divisions that focus on different areas of the music and entertainment industry; music, entertainment, film and television. A description of each one is listed below and the final description highlights the purpose and mission of the Embassies’ universities.

· Music Division of Discovering Stars Worldwide

The Embassy assists people with everything they may need to advance their musical career.  We will provide step by step guidance through our consulting or professional representation divisions. Clients may also elect to simply utilize the services of the Embassy and not choose a Professional Representation Option.  The greatest thing about the embassy is that the choice is yours. This division is not only for singers but also for producers, musicians, music video producers, recording studio owners and engineers. The Embassy serves as a tool to assist you in whatever you may need in order to advance your career.

· Entertainment Division of Discovering Stars Worldwide

The embassies have an entire division dedicated to those in entertainment who are unrelated to music production. We offer services to assist entertainers of any form. The following is a growing list of entertainer types that we can and will assist:

§ MC’s

§ Radio/TV Hosts

§ Models

§ Actors/Actresses

§ Comedians

§ Film Directors

§ Book Authors

§ Music/Entertainment Websites

§ Music/Entertainment Magazines

§ Publicists

§ Public Relations Firms

§ Management Firms

§ Songwriters

§ Dancers

§ Poets

§ Journalists

§ And many more!

· Film Division of Discovering Stars Worldwide

The Embassy plans to create an abundant amount of films that will feature those aligned with the organization.  Up-and-coming celebrities and new talent will have the opportunity to work with established celebrities and all will receive large amounts of exposure.  We will only use people associated with the Embassy for all roles in the films/movies, including the extras that will be played by Representatives and VIP members. These films will be informative and educational as well as entertaining. Movies with a purpose will hit the silver screen.

· Television Division of Discovering Stars Worldwide

Many television programs will be created for those interested in this field who come to the Embassy for assistance.  We will use the television shows to raise funds for the organization’s various initiatives and also to give exposure to the new talent and celebrities whom we are assisting to begin or to advance their careers.  The television shows will consist of reality TV shows based around our Discovering Stars Worldwide Division, music and entertainment shows, a variety of soap operas, sitcoms, documentaries, talk shows and shows based on true stories.  The television shows will assist many people in advancing their careers because there are many components to television shows and, therefore, many opportunities for all involved.

· Embassy Universities

Each Embassy has its own University that serves as a personal and professional training entity, however, it is not an actual university.  It does not have a fixed location until the actual embassies headquarter buildings are constructed.  Those who are contracted to provide the necessary information to our members and clients will travel globally to conduct trainings, workshops and seminars focusing on three areas: Personal, Business and Entertainment.  The topics that will be covered are related to community education, music and entertainment careers, business advancement and professional development, among many others. The selection of trainings, programs and seminars will depend on the needs and focus of the individual communities. For more detailed information about the Embassy Universities, please visit our website.




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