Division 3

Division 3 – Businesses and Nonprofits

It brings us great pleasure to introduce the Embassy’s Business Advancement Division which was developed to assist with the growth and economic development of owner operated businesses and non-profit organizations.  This division fully supports business owners of all types in all fields and industries of business as well as nonprofits and non-governmental organizations.  The Embassy is currently the only organization in the world that is licensed to utilize the innovative Business Advancement System that was developed around the 10 Components of a Successful Business called the SUN Business Support and Resource Program.  Our goal is to assist in developing and advancing a business or organization while utilizing this program to reach targeted set objectives.

The Embassy’s Business Advancement Division provides an efficient, highly experienced professional team to support, guide and assist those in business so that they can reach their ultimate level of success.  We help those who are just beginning their business or organization as well as those who are already established and wish to sustain or expand.  The SUN Business Support and Resource Program was developed to assist business owners and their companies no matter how big or small, rich or poor, new or old. Regardless of the type of business or its economic status, it is suggested that business owners follow and satisfy the 10 Components of a Successful Business in order to reach their maximum potential.

The 10 Components of a Successful Business are:

  • Credibility and Affiliation
  • Community Involvement (Giving Back)
  • Consulting, Support, and Guidance
  • Access to Reduced Business Expenses (The SUN Alliance)
  • Professional Development Training for Business Owners and Employees
  • Exposure Advertising, Marketing and Promotions
  • Branding
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Referrals Systems to Obtain New Clients/Customers
  • Relationship Building/Creating New Business Contacts

There are many services available to aid in fulfilling these components such as business/organization infrastructure development, project management, operations analysis, a variety of consulting services, virtual staff services, professional development training, exposure services and several others.

Using the same 10 Components of a Successful Business, the Embassy is also able to help nonprofit and non-governmental organizations with their growth and success.  We may also fund their programs or projects through the Embassy’s Adopt an Organization Program in the Humanitarian Division; however, regardless of funding status, we are always available to help with fundraising opportunities and ideas.

The Embassy also serves as a tool to assist those who wish to start a new business or have recently started a new business.   We specialize in developing business infrastructures from the ground up and can customize any business idea into a revenue generating successful business.  We develop all necessary items needed to have an outstanding start, such as organization/business infrastructures, marketing plans, marketing materials, corporate identities, sales strategies, websites, training materials, company protocol, necessary agreements, and many other important elements.  The Embassy’s business-in-a-box approach will support everyone who is taking the first steps to creating a successful business or organization from scratch.

We also help with project management and, if interested, we have a Franchise Division for those who would like to start one from the ground up, buy into an existing one, or convert their current business into a franchise or chain.  Whatever your business goals may be, the Embassy is available to assist.   In addition to business development, we can assist those who would like to begin an organization or implement a project or program.  Everything that is needed to aid in creating or advancing these entities is attainable at the Embassy.

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