Division 4

Division 4 – Major Corporations and Government Entities

Division Four of the embassies serves two different types of powerful, large structures: major corporations and government entities.  Both form very important parts of the organization and we are able to assist them in many ways.  Since they have different goals, we have created services and opportunities that cater to each one.

Major Corporations

Our goal for our major corporate sponsors is to customize the best possible branding and marketing strategies according to their marketing goals whether they are targeting specific areas, countries, regions or the entire world.  Our organization’s target population includes everyone worldwide and, therefore, we are able to satisfy our marketing needs while catering to our corporate sponsors branding and marketing plans.  Sponsoring the Embassies is a great way to receive affordable branding and exposure while simultaneously giving back to the community.   Corporations of all sizes who wish to expand worldwide can do so affordably and with ease by sponsoring the Embassy’s global marketing campaigns, events, music awards, community efforts, membership campaigns, humanitarian efforts, movies and television programs and our many websites.  Those who are already a global corporation can participate in the sponsorships previously mentioned in order to maintain their brand in the worldwide market.  Our organization will serve as a powerful tool for all corporations and businesses to use to achieve these goals and others since millions of music fans around the world will be registered with us.

We have a vast and continuously growing amount of Embassy Representatives that assist every member of the organization with whatever their needs may be.  Also, there is a team of consultants that meets with celebrities, up-and-coming talent and business owners to assist them in beginning or advancing their career or business.  These representatives and consultants can assist the major corporations in the marketing and sales of their products and services by suggesting them to the Embassy clients if said services or products can be instrumental to the advancement of our clients’ careers or businesses which is another great way to maintain or increase sales and revenue.

Government Entities

Our goal is to assist governments in improving the economy in as many ways as possible in order to help with the creation of new jobs.  This will directly affect and enhance the lives of the registered members of our organization that reside in those countries which is a passion of this organization.

In many countries around the world, tourism is a major source of revenue. The embassies will work closely with the tourist boards to assist with increasing the revenue which, in turn, will create jobs for our members and, thus, improve the economic conditions.

Our humanitarian division will work closely with the governments, government agencies and nonprofit organizations that are assisting those in impoverished areas to cumulatively better the quality of life for the poverty stricken people.

The Worldwide Elite Music and Entertainment Embassy is dedicated to working together with the governments and their departments to improve the economic situations in their countries as well as the lives of their citizens.

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