Division 5

Division 5 – Individuals/Music Fans

Since this organization is strongly connected to the music and entertainment industry, individuals who are music fans form a very large part of it.   The music and entertainment industry is usually all about fun and enjoyment, however, our organization also offers more serious components as well, such as business development and advancement, humanitarian efforts and personal development.  Our goal for this division is to improve the quality of life of all music fans who become Embassy Members while also enjoying all aspects of their favorite music genres and their respective celebrities.


By becoming a member of the music embassies, individuals are eligible to receive many special perks and benefits as well as take advantage of the many fun aspects of the Embassy.  Members are entered to win various prizes, cash, event tickets and trips as well as chances to meet their favorite celebrities, attend special exclusive celebrity events and serve as a guest host(ess) for events, shows, awards or television programs.  There will also be opportunities to participate in fun surveys, attend various community events, concerts and awards in addition to being present at the filming of TV shows, movies and music videos.  Furthermore, our members have access to the latest music, have first priority for pre-released music and enjoy special rates and savings on products, services, restaurants, stores and home or personal services.  As our reach continues to grow, we will add more benefits for our fan members.


The Embassy assists music fans around the world with finding employment, starting a new business or career as well as furthering their education while also satisfying their entertainment enjoyment.  Music fans can come to the Embassy for assistance with whatever they may need.  We have a vast support team, numerous consultants, and a long list of companies and organizations that may be providing the services or selling the products that our Embassy members need.  The companies associated with the organization can also list employment opportunities to which our members who are seeking employment can apply.

The Embassy offers life changing opportunities for bettering the financial situations of the members since they are eligible to share in the organizations revenue and profits by becoming a Licensed Embassy Representative.  Those interested in this opportunity can apply for consideration.  If accepted, they will be able to work with all aspects of the organization or can choose to focus on specific areas outside of the music and entertainment sections of our organization, such as the Humanitarian Division.  They can choose to work with businesses and non-profits, with major corporations and our sponsorship unit, with government entities and their tourist boards or directly with fan member relations.

Members also have access to our Embassy Universities.  These are not official universities but, rather, educational entities that were created to assist others in developing personally and professionally.  We offer a wide variety of topics related to community education, skills training, entrepreneurship, beginning a career in the music or entertainment industry, or even starting a business.

Fan members may also be eligible to become the recipients of the many humanitarian efforts that the organization implements. For those interested in improving the quality of life in communities around the world, the Humanitarian Division offers several volunteer opportunities.

Once our Embassy Headquarter buildings are constructed, our members will be able to enjoy the unique benefits that each embassy will have to offer.  Prior to the construction of these buildings, we are able to offer many benefits, services and opportunities to our members.  For more information, please see our Services and Opportunities section of our website.

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