Embassy Booking Division

Elite Embassy Bookings is a division of The Worldwide Elite Embassy and its Elite Embassies in the industries of Music, Entertainment, Business and Humanitarianism.  In this division, there are currently four components to the booking services; bookings for talented individuals in music and entertainment; bookings for music and entertainment  services ( studio time, lighting, engineering, stage hands, song writing services, voice training, etc); booking the embassy team  to assist with projects or events; booking general services for either home or business (printing services, advertising needs, plumbers, electricians, baby-sitter, taxi, etc)


Booking Talent

 This division assists promoters, casting departments, and other who need to book talent of all types whether for their events, music videos, concerts, or other engagements while also assisting the talent with securing bookings on a global level as well as those who need booking services for their career.  Both established and up-and-coming celebrities of all areas of music and entertainment may elect to use the Embassy’s Booking Services for all their booking needs. It is unique because it allows our clients to be able to obtain bookings from our In-House Team, global Embassy certified booking agencies and thousands of licensed Embassy Representatives from around the world.  There are exclusive and non-exclusive agreements available.  An embassy assistant or an embassy representative can assist you with choosing the right option that best suits your booking needs and preferences.


Booking Music and Entertainment Services

This service can be utilized by anyone who needs a service that has anything to do with music and entertainment. This can include booking studio time, a lighting company, stage hands, venue fencing, studio engineers and any other industry related need they may have. The Embassy is able to book on the client’s behalf, all the tools and services that they will need to ensure the flawless execution of an event or music and entertainment project.


Booking the Embassy Team

The Embassy team is also available for bookings, to assist those in music and entertainment or any other business to accomplish their tasks in a timely and professional manner. These services include assisting promoters, event planning, marketing consulting, graphics consulting, web development, project management, videography, editing, etc. The team can be booked on a long term or short term basis.


 Booking General Services

Any type of service, whether personal or business related that an individual or organization may need to secure can also be booked through the Embassy. The Embassy will then refer a professional individual or company to carry out the requested task. Service providers can align themselves with the Embassy to secure these professional recommendations.  The service can be either personal or business related.  Services can include anything from household to office needs.


Contact the Embassy or your current representative for more information about the Booking Services.  If you do not have a representative, contact an Embassy Assistant to be assigned one.


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