Sports Embassy

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Actual global Embassies have been established for all industries for Business, Music and Entertainment.  These Embassies were established to assist the individual or business to progress personally, professionally and financially in their respective industry. These embassies assist, support, guide, educate, develop, protect and invest in each client.  Whatever a client’s needs are, we have the support, services and abilities to make their dreams and goals a reality. 

The Worldwide Sports Embassy

The Worldwide Sports Embassy was established for those who have clients, or are members of the sports industry, as well as individuals who simply participate in various leagues and sporting events for extra-curricular purposes. The Sports Embassy is primarily for individuals who consider their participation in sports to be more social than professional. Professional athletes are catered for under the sub division of the Sports Embassy which has been established exclusively for sports as a professional career called “The Athletes Embassy.” Members of the Sports Embassy can participate in Embassy endorsed sports league including tennis, gymnastics, football, track and field and many others. There are numerous prospects available for anyone who is interested in the sports industry and want to develop their skills for personal or career reasons, with a talent for whatever field they choose to embark in.

Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.


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