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The Worldwide Elite Embassy has an Investor’s Embassy which is an Elite Embassy under the Business Embassies umbrella.  Those who are a part of this embassy utilize it for many reasons such as advancing their Investor’s portfolio, our Investors Consulting Services, Financial Consulting Services and much more.  All Embassies are to be used as the tools that they were developed to be for advancement so that our clients can progress personally, professionally and financially.

The Embassy’s Investors Club is a social club for those who would like to participate and network directly with the organization’s executives as well as others with like minds.  It is similar to the Kiwanis Clubs, Millionaires Clubs and Rotary Clubs yet it has a special twist. Our Investors Club is global and those who elect membership are open to many opportunities, especially many investment opportunities pertaining to our organization’s projects, programs, tv shows, movies and also other aspects of those interested in having our team present ideas to them to invest in.  Many additional revenue streams from various industries and projects can be created for those who elect membership in the club.  Those who are making a difference in the organization, our clients’ careers or businesses and even in our humanitarian division will be publicly recognized (if desired) for their achievements and success.

All applicants are to contact our offices to speak directly to the Director of Operations to learn more about this exciting club and the possibilities of member.

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