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Quick Reference – Music Embassies


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  • Music Embassies (List)

    (The Worldwide Elite Embassy is a major global organization consisting of over 60 Elite Embassies. Each Embassy has a specific focus to assist those who are interested in music, entertainment, business and personal development. The Embassies fall within four distinct industrial categories; which are Music Embassies, Business Embassies, Entertainment Embassies, and a Humanitarian Embassy.)


    The Worldwide Music Media Embassy was established to assist anyone who wishes to utilize the services of the Embassy, particularly those involved in the field of media. TV and radio hosts, producers, publicists, journalists, public relations firms, newspaper and magazine owners and any other media practitioner can use the Embassy to take their career, project, program or business to the next level. As with all our other Embassies, clients can be assured of the protection, guidance, support, and assistance of the Embassy in their chosen ventures. They can also be confident that the Embassy has as its main goal; the professional growth and development of everyone that utilizes its services.

    The Music Media Embassy provides its clients with the information, resources, advancement team and exposure needed to take their careers to the highest level. For those who are interested in playing more of a key role in supporting the Embassy’s mission and outreach, the Media Pledge is an excellent way to do so. Media personalities and entities who participate are considered sponsors and will receive public recognition for the assistance given to the Embassy to assist with the many missions of the organization and may also benefit financially as well.

    For those in the Media who wish to be very active in the organization’s missions, they may elect to take part in not only the Media Pledge but they may request consideration to become a part of administration as a Media Representative. Those who are on a celebrity level may also elect to hold a seat on their favorite music genres’ embassy or embassies on the Celebrity Advisory Board.



    The Worldwide Musicians Embassy focuses on the many and diverse needs of musicians from all musical genres around the globe. Music is said to be the one language that is spoken universally. It is a powerful tool that can be utilized to uplift and unite. As such the Musicians Embassy recognizes the fundamental importance of helping its clients to develop their skills so as to produce better music that is acceptable not just on a local level, but globally. Many artistes have been robbed of what is rightfully theirs due to a misunderstanding of, or ignorance about intellectual property rights. With the Musician’s Embassy, everything will be done via the proper channels, so artistes can rest assured knowing that they will be able to benefit from their hard work. In addition to protecting our clients’ rights, the Musicians Embassy will also promote the work of the artiste and secure projects on their behalf. The Embassy also works with the artiste to develop their understanding of the business side of the industry. This is a crucial aspect of the Embassy’s investment in its clients, because a keen understanding of their craft and the industry is one of the main factors that will contribute to an artiste’s longevity and prosperity.

    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.



    The Multi-Media Embassy was established to assist companies and individuals involved in the versatile field of multimedia to advance their businesses or careers. Whether it be in television, film, radio, photography, editing, information technology, or animation, professionals from these areas and more can utilize the Embassy to either secure internal or external projects, get assistance with their own projects, secure professional representation, or have the Embassy’s team of consultants advise them on how to breakthrough to the next level!

    Individuals who are seeking multi-media services can also utilize the Embassy for referrals to qualified multi-media practitioners or use the Embassy’s own multi-media division which is made up of individuals and businesses whom are Embassy certified. The Embassy will also be developing a number of films and television shows, ranging from soap operas, talk shows, reality shows, and documentaries.

    Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.



    The Worldwide Producers Embassy was created to offer guidance, assistance, support and protection to music, film and entertainment producers as they seek to take their career to the next level. There are many bright and talented producers, composers of music engineers struggling to secure a foothold in the industry, due to a lack of contacts and or a thorough understanding of how their industry operates. Just like performance artistes, producers are entitled to royalties and benefits from the songs or movies that utilize their work. Sometimes however, persons who are new to the industry are deprived of these benefits by more experienced and unscrupulous individuals or companies.

    The Producers Embassy will however take these individuals under its wing and assist them to secure the necessary industry contacts and develop their business acumen, which will help to prevent their being taken advantage of. The Embassy also helps to protect their intellectual property rights and our publishing division can be utilized by those who do not have a publisher. Producers can also enhance their popularity by working with and nurturing young, upcoming talent; any of whom could be a tremendous success. This would not only reap financial rewards but also industry recognition and prestige.
    For those who are interested in expanding their career and getting involved in other business endeavours, the Embassy provides just the right environment for such pursuits. There is no limit or restriction placed on the dreams of clients and the Embassy will collaborate with and assist where necessary to make those dreams a reality.


    (There is one Embassy per Music Genre & SubGenres. )

    Pop Music Embassy

    Jazz Embassy

    Country Music Embassy

    Gospel Embassy (Christian Music)


    Hip Hop Embassy

  • Rap Music Embassy
  • Hip Hop R & B Embassy

    Reggae Embassy (Includes all Sub-Genres)

  • Dancehall Embassy
  • Lovers Rock Embassy
  • Nyahbinghi Embassy
  • Ska Embassy
  • Mento Embassy
  • Dubstep Embassy
  • Reggae Gospel
  • Roots Reggae


    Rock and Roll Embassy (Includes all Sub-Genres)

  • Classic Rock Embassy
  • Hard Rock Embassy
  • Alternative Rock Embassy
  • Heavy Metal Music Embassy

    Caribbean Music Embassy

  • Soca Embassy
  • Calypso Embassy
  • Chutney Music Embassy
  • Kompa Music Embassy
  • Steel Drum Embassy
  • Zuk Embassy

    R&B Embassy

  • R & B Hip Hop Embassy
  • Soul Music Embassy

    Latin Music Embassy

  • Bachata Embassy
  • Brazilian Music Embassy
  • Cumbia Embassy
  • Flamenco Music Embassy
  • Salsa Embassy
  • Latin Hip Hop Music Embassy
  • Merengue Embassy
  • Mexican Music Embassy
  • Reggaeton

    Classical Music Embassy

  • Opera Embassy
  • Musical Theater Embassy

    World Music Embassy

  • Aboriginal Music Embassy
  • African Music Embassy
  • Asian Music Embassy
  • Eastern European Music Embassy
  • Hawaiian Music Embassy
  • Indian Music Embassy
  • Middle Eastern Music Embassy
  • Folk Music Embassy

    Electronic Music Embassy

  • Dance/Club Music Embassy
  • House Music Embassy
  • Techno Embassy
  • Trance Music Embassy

    And many more….



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