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“The Worldwide Elite Embassies” Founds New Official Global Music Registry

Global Music Registry

The Global Music Registry is the OFFICIAL music registry for all music fans across the world.  It was founded by The Worldwide Elite Embassy and was established with the goal of unifing music fans, recording artists and those in other facets of the music industry worldwide. In many music genres, unity is sorely lacking and with the Global Music Registry, the unification will begin. Those who register and unite will also be eligible to win cash, prizes and trips, receive discounts at select merchants, access to newly released music, tickets to events, chances to communicate with or meet your favorite celebrity and depending on the level of membership; advanced purchase and entry to many concerts. Membership options include: Unity Membership, Supporting Membership, VIP Membership, Elite VIP Membership or a Lifetime Membership. Each membership option comes with its own category of perks and benefits, but the most important aspect is that everyone is united while supporting our organization’s many positive global missions.

The Registry can also be an instrumental tool for businesses, promoters and celebrities who want to reach their target market, by utilizing it for their goods, services, career exposure or events.  A special website will be developed shortly, where all members who share the same music interest can network and interact. Please do your part and encourage others worldwide to register. If you recommend someone, please ensure that they place your name in the ‘recommended by’ section of the form, as you may be entered to win cash and prizes.

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