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Representatives’ License Information

The Worldwide Elite Embassy (WEE) is offering to individuals who understand or wish to be a part of the organization’s many missions, an opportunity to share in its landmark endeavours, by becoming a Licensed Representative. For a minimal fee Representatives receive their global licenses and are equipped with training that positively alters their lives. With a Representative License, they are able to work anywhere in the world and represent the Embassy, Embassy clients, and receive financial benefits for their efforts.

As Representatives, they assist those in need of career or business advancement, are a part of the support team for our many clients, advocate for the humanitarian missions of the organization and are closely involved in facilitating the success of our clients, whether they are a part of the Business Embassies, Music Embassies, Entertainment Embassies or Humanitarian Embassy. As a matter of fact, our clients can also become Licensed Representatives if they strongly believe in what we do and earn additional income to fund their respective career’s advancement.

There are various benefits in becoming a Licensed Representative. The Worldwide Elite Embassy firmly believes in giving back to the community and to those who have played an integral part in its success. Licensed Reps receive a percentage the gross revenue and share in the organization’s net profits. There are opportunities for advancement in the Embassy through training sessions, personal and professional development seminars. Reps who have been outstanding in their representation of the organization also receive opportunities for promotion. Working with WEE  as a Licensed Representative not only provides sure financial benefits but also allows persons to achieve many of their social, personal, professional and financial enhancement goals.


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