About Us

The Worldwide Elite Embassy is a major global organization that offers life changing opportunities for advancement so that those who utilize our organization can progress personally, professionally and financially.  Our organization provides an abundant amount of support for those who wish to advance in any field while offsetting the costs that one will face when trying to start and advance their careers.

Not only does this organization provide services and support to individuals, business owners, talent, and non profit organizations, it also has a large humanitarian component to assist entire communities globally.  This organization is also a revenue and profit sharing organization for those who wish to play a key role in the assisting with our many missions globally.

Support for those we assist:

We have a team of consultants who work closely with the clients, a support staff who are assigned certain duties to carry out for those utilizing the organization as well as numerous services that will be needed and instrumental for advancement.  The above mentioned support will be funded in part by our organization as it is subsidized to assist those who apply for our assistance.


Business Consultants

Financial Consultants

Music & Entertainment Consultants

Accounting Consultants

Marketing Consultants

Immigration & Visa Consultants

Legal Consultants

and many more….

The organization consists of close to 100 Elite Embassies based around popular music genres and almost 20 for various industries in business and entertainment.  Each embassy consists of five divisions to assist those in music, entertainment or any form of business as well as personal development.


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