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  • Beautification Projects
  • Community Education
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  • Housing for the Homeless
  • Life Changing Surgeries


Our Humanitarian Division is a large an important component of our organization as one of our main goals is to improve the lives of everyone around the world.  When you use the services, register for a membership or sponsorship, attend concerts and other events, along with many other programs, you directly support our Humanitarian Division since 20% of the net profit goes towards these efforts.  Furthermore, we hold additional fundraising events to raise money specifically for our community service efforts and our adopted organizations.  If you would like to volunteer or sponsor the Humanitarian Division or one of our community service programs, please contact the Embassy.

  • 2nd Chance Through Music Program

Many people who have been in jail or prison, therefore, have a record, and have difficulties finding legal work because of their past.  Often times, the frustration of not being employed leads these former inmates back to a life of crime.  As part of the Embassy’s Crime Prevention Program, we use music to prevent the imprisoned or jailed inmates from returning to the facility after their release.  We help them to focus on nurturing their musical talents or learning the business side of the music and entertainment industry.

  • Adopt an Organization

The Embassy adopts underfunded nonprofit organizations who are providing great services to the communities and improving the lives of the underprivileged.  The organizations and missions that we support vary greatly but all aim to better the lives of the disadvantaged.  The two types of nonprofits that we adopt are those that are underfunded or have limited resources and those that are providing affordable, permanently life altering services or surgeries.  However, nonprofit organizations of any type can come to the Embassy to get assistance with fund raising efforts.

Some of the many organizations that we are raising funds to support are Operation Smile which provides life changing surgeries to children and adults with cleft lips and palates; Young Professionals for the Poor provides housing for the homeless and clean water for communities; R.A.S. (Rescuing All Suffering) takes homeless, orphaned children off of the dangerous streets of Kibera, Africa’s largest slum with approximately one million inhabitants, in Nairobi, Kenya; Lost Behind Bars helps people who are falsely accused of crimes and aids in crime prevention and intervention; Jamaicans for Justice is a citizens’ rights action organization that works towards improving the judicial, economic, social and political systems in Jamaica.  The list of adopted organizations continuously grows as we expand our reach.

  • Beautification Projects

The Embassy’s numerous beautification projects aim to improve the appearance and facilities in impoverished areas of the world which, in turn, build community pride.  Our Project Paint hires people from these communities to paint the unfinished, cement walls there in order to beautify the country.  Project Playground either establishes or refurbishes playgrounds so that children have a safe place to enjoy their free time.  Many people live in board houses that have zinc walls and ceilings.  The goal of Project Zincless is to remove all zinc fences and houses in addition to building solid structures.  We frequently add more projects to continuously improve the environment in impoverished communities.

  • Community Educations

The Embassy’s Community Education Department is a section of the Embassy’s University Division, which focuses on personal and professional development training.  Under the Community Education Department we have many programs including Computer Literacy, Internet Literacy, English Literacy and Time Management.


  • Elderly Home Visits Program

The Embassy’s Elderly Home Visits Program was established to assure that the elderly have companionship and assistance if necessary.  For those who have little or no family in the area, we have volunteers visit to make sure they have food and other necessary items.  The volunteers spend time with the elderly person so that they are not always alone and also help with small chores.  If they are in need of something, such as food, medicine or a doctor, the organization will help in getting the proper assistance.

  • Health and Wellness Projects

The Embassy’s Health and Wellness Projects will educate the communities worldwide on various health and sanitation issues.  We perform an analysis to determine the possible risks in each community and customize the in-depth educational seminars to teach the citizens about infection and disease prevention.  The programs may discuss the problems with life threatening bacteria and parasites as well as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases.

These projects also provide people with life changing improvements such as prosthetics for those who are missing limbs or wheelchairs for those who are physically disabled.  In addition to our own initiatives, we will adopt other organizations to support their health and wellness programs.  See our Adopt an Organization section for more information.

  • Library Projects

In an effort to promote education and literacy worldwide, the Embassy and its’ members want to make sure that all communities have access to suitable libraries.  If there is no library in a specific area, we will construct one and provide reading materials.  There may already be a library in the community but in need of repairs or resources.  In such a case, we will refurbish the library to provide the community with an adequate reading facility.

  • Logan Lunch Fee Fund

The Logan Lunch Fee Fund was created to provide school lunches to children from impoverished areas whose guardians cannot afford to provide them with food or money to purchase lunch.  This fund is mainly for students who have lost one or both parents, whose parents are living abroad and are suffering economically, or who live in a single parent/guardian household in which the parent/guardian is struggling with little or no form of assistance.  It is also for families that have been displaced or separated for various reasons.

  • Scholarship Fund

The Embassy has established a scholarship fund that provides educational scholarships to students in impoverished areas or of middle class families that are struggling to survive financially.  We also have a Working Scholarship Program that provides the student with a monetary contribution towards his/her education in exchange for assisting the Embassy with specific projects or assignments.

  • School Fee Fund

In certain countries, there is a fee to attend all levels of school.  For families struggling financially, the Embassy has a fund established to assist them in paying the mandatory school fee.  This fund is mainly for students who are orphaned or who live in a single parent household in which the parent is struggling financially.



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