Promoters Embassy

The Promoters Embassy:

The Promoters Embassy was established to assist all types of music and event promoters at all levels.

Since many have taken up the task of promoting as a profession, the Promoters Embassy seeks to engage promoters in the understanding of the business world as it relates to the arrangements they make for their events, and  planning essentials needed to have their acquired tasks go off without a glitch. The tasks of promoting and events management are complex and time consuming activities that require quick thinking, endurance and business savvy team members in order to be successful. As such, the Promoters Embassy will assist promoters to expand their knowledge of the music industry and proper business techniques. The organization has created an innovative system which enables promoters to connect with the services they need, and the people to assist them in getting the job done, while helping to promote upcoming talents through our Discovering Stars Worldwide Division; this is referred to as the “Promoters Pledge.”


The Promoters Pledge is an optional opportunity for our clients and affiliates to mentor and endorse new talents in our Embassies, while building their own careers and success as our organization publicly recognizes both the promoter and their events which is valuable exposure and PR (Public Relations) at no cost to them for those services.  We also offer assistance to those participating in this pledge to increase their advance sales of their events through our ticketing services and other ticket sales services.  Those who participate in the Promoter’s Pledge will find it to be rewarding and mutually beneficial for both the Promoter and the organization.

Those interested in utilizing this Embassy or to obtain more information, may contact their Embassy Representative or our office for further details.

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